Consortium for osteogenesis imperfecta mutations in the helical domain of type I collagen: regions rich in lethal mutations align with collagen binding sites for integrins and proteoglycans by Marini Joan C, Forlino Antonella, Cabral Wayne A, Barnes Aileen M, San Antonio James D, Milgrom Sarah, Hyland James C, Körkkö Jarmo, Prockop Darwin J, De Paepe Anne, Coucke Paul, Symoens Sofie, Glorieux Francis H, Roughley Peter J, Lund Alan M, Kuurila-Svahn Kaija, Hartikka Heini, Cohn Daniel H, Krakow Deborah, Mottes Monica, Schwarze Ulrike, Chen Diana, Yang Kathleen, Kuslich Christine, Troendle James, Dalgleish Raymond, Byers Peter H in Human mutation (2007).

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