Orosomucoid (alpha1-acid glycoprotein) plasma concentration and genetic variants: effects on human immunodeficiency virus protease inhibitor clearance and cellular accumulation by Colombo Sara, Buclin Thierry, Décosterd Laurent A, Telenti Amalio, Furrer Hansjakob, Lee Belle L, Biollaz Jérôme, Eap Chin B, Swiss HIV Cohort Study in Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics (2006).

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Protease inhibitors are highly bound to orosomucoid (ORM) (alpha1-acid glycoprotein), an acute-phase plasma protein encoded by 2 polymorphic genes, which may modulate their disposition. Our objective was to determine the influence of ORM concentration and phenotype on indinavir, lopinavir, and nelfinavir apparent clearance (CL(app)) and cellular accumulation. Efavirenz, mainly bound to albumin, was included as a control drug.

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