Meta- and pooled analysis of GSTT1 and lung cancer: a HuGE-GSEC review by Raimondi S, Paracchini V, Autrup H, Barros-Dios J M, Benhamou S, Boffetta P, Cote M L, Dialyna I A, Dolzan V, Filiberti R, Garte S, Hirvonen A, Husgafvel-Pursiainen K, Imyanitov E N, Kalina I, Kang D, Kiyohara C, Kohno T, Kremers P, Lan Q, London S, Povey A C, Rannug A, Reszka E, Risch A, Romkes M, Schneider J, Seow A, Shields P G, Sobti R C, Sørensen M, Spinola M, Spitz M R, Strange R C, Stücker I, Sugimura H, To-Figueras J, Tokudome S, Yang P, Yuan J-M, Warholm M, Taioli E in American journal of epidemiology (2006).

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