The consensus coding sequences of human breast and colorectal cancers by Sjöblom Tobias, Jones Sin, Wood Laura D, Parsons D Williams, Lin Jimmy, Barber Thomas D, Mandelker Diana, Leary Rebecca J, Ptak Janine, Silliman Natalie, Szabo Steve, Buckhaults Phillip, Farrell Christopher, Meeh Paul, Markowitz Sanford D, Willis Joseph, Dawson Dawn, Willson James K V, Gazdar Adi F, Hartigan James, Wu Leo, Liu Changsheng, Parmigiani Giovanni, Park Ben Ho, Bachman Kurtis E, Papadopoulos Nickolas, Vogelstein Bert, Kinzler Kenneth W, Velculescu Victor E in Science (New York, N.Y.) (2006).

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