CYP2A6, MAOA, DBH, DRD4, and 5HT2A genotypes, smoking behaviour and cotinine levels in 1518 UK adolescents by Huang Shuwen, Cook Derek G, Hinks Lesley J, Chen Xiao-He, Ye Shu, Gilg Julie A, Jarvis Martin J, Whincup Peter H, Day Ian N M in Pharmacogenetics and genomics (2005).

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Smoking is a major cause of death and often initiates in adolescence. Mutations in CYP2A6 slow metabolism of nicotine to cotinine. Haploinsufficiency in adults is associated with lower cigarette consumption, lower cotinine level and higher quit rates. Other genes are also implicated in smoking behaviour. We explored smoking behaviour and cotinine levels in relation to genotypes in adolescents.

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