Family-based association between Alzheimer's disease and variants in UBQLN1 by Bertram Lars, Hiltunen Mikko, Parkinson Michele, Ingelsson Martin, Lange Christoph, Ramasamy Karunya, Mullin Kristina, Menon Rashmi, Sampson Andrew J, Hsiao Monica Y, Elliott Kathryn J, Velicelebi GonĂ¼l, Moscarillo Thomas, Hyman Bradley T, Wagner Steven L, Becker K David, Blacker Deborah, Tanzi Rudolph E in The New England journal of medicine (2005).

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Recent analyses suggest that the known Alzheimer's disease genes account for less than half the genetic variance in this disease. The gene encoding ubiquilin 1 (UBQLN1) is one of several candidate genes for Alzheimer's disease located near a well-established linkage peak on chromosome 9q22.

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