ADAM33 is not associated with asthma in Puerto Rican or Mexican populations by Lind Denise L, Choudhry Shweta, Ung Ngim, Ziv Elad, Avila Pedro C, Salari Keyan, Ha Connie, Lovins Elizabeth G, Coyle Natasha E, Nazario Sylvette, Casal Jesus, Torres Alfonso, Rodriguez-Santana Jose R, Matallana Henry, Lilly Craig M, Salas Jorge, Selman Moises, Boushey Homer A, Weiss Scott T, Chapela Rocio, Ford Jean G, Rodriguez-Cintron William, Silverman Edwin K, Sheppard Dean, Kwok Pui-Yan, González Burchard Esteban in American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine (2003).

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