ADAM33 is not associated with asthma in Puerto Rican or Mexican populations by Lind Denise L, Choudhry Shweta, Ung Ngim, Ziv Elad, Avila Pedro C, Salari Keyan, Ha Connie, Lovins Elizabeth G, Coyle Natasha E, Nazario Sylvette, Casal Jesus, Torres Alfonso, Rodriguez-Santana Jose R, Matallana Henry, Lilly Craig M, Salas Jorge, Selman Moises, Boushey Homer A, Weiss Scott T, Chapela Rocio, Ford Jean G, Rodriguez-Cintron William, Silverman Edwin K, Sheppard Dean, Kwok Pui-Yan, González Burchard Esteban in American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine (2003).

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A recent study identified the ADAM33 gene as a promising candidate contributing to asthma. In Puerto Rican and Mexican populations, we have genotyped six single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that were used in the Genetics of Asthma in Latino Americans Study. We chose to study these two populations because in the United States, Puerto Ricans have the highest asthma prevalence, morbidity, and mortality and Mexicans the lowest. We used the transmission disequilibrium test to analyze associations between the ADAM33 gene variants and asthma, asthma severity, bronchodilator responsiveness, and total IgE levels using single SNPs, two to six SNP combinations, and specific haplotypes in 583 trios (proband with asthma and both biological parents). We also genotyped matched control samples to allow case-control analyses. None of the transmission disequilibrium test or case-control results showed significant association in either population. We found no evidence for association of single SNPs with asthma severity, bronchodilator response, or IgE levels in Mexicans or in the combined population. Two SNPs showed a modest association in Puerto Ricans, insignificant when the number of comparisons was taken into account. We conclude that the ADAM33 gene is not an important risk factor for asthma or for asthma-associated phenotypes in Mexicans or in Puerto Ricans.

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