Cancer risk estimates for BRCA1 mutation carriers identified in a risk evaluation program by Brose Marcia S, Rebbeck Timothy R, Calzone Kathleen A, Stopfer Jill E, Nathanson Katherine L, Weber Barbara L in Journal of the National Cancer Institute (2002).

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Increasing numbers of BRCA1 mutation carriers are being identified in cancer risk evaluation programs. However, no estimates of cancer risk specific to a clinic-based population of mutation carriers are available. These data are clinically relevant, because estimates based on families ascertained for linkage studies may overestimate cancer risk in mutation carriers, and population-based series may underestimate it. Wide variation in risk estimates from these disparate ascertainment groups makes counseling in risk evaluation programs difficult. The purpose of this study was to estimate BRCA1-related cancer risks for individuals ascertained in a breast cancer risk evaluation clinic.

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