PharmGKB accounts are required for viewing and downloading clinical and variant annotations. Use of a PharmGKB account implies that you agree to abide by the account security policy and the terms and conditions of data use.

Step 1 of 3: Agree to the Account Security Policy

Computer security at Stanford University is of utmost importance and maintenance of security is paramount. PharmGKB users are a large and diverse group with networks providing access to and from other computer systems located throughout the country. Today's high-speed computer networks provide users convenient, and often untraceable, access to our machines. For this, and other reasons, PharmGKB has adopted the policy that PharmGKB users may not share their accounts with any other individual at any time.

Your account is your personal responsibility. In the event of any incident or damage to our system in connection with your use, or the use by another, of your account, whether with or without your consent, you will be held liable for all damages, in any form, to our system, and for any related damages. Under no circumstances may a password be shared or disclosed to any third party besides the authorized user. In the event a password is shared with or disclosed to a third party, you will be held responsible for any damages the third party takes or causes due to actions related to the unauthorized use of your password. In the event of any litigation with regard to the foregoing, Stanford shall have the right to recovery of its attorneys' fees and costs from you.

Any user found sharing their account with another individual will have their account immediately deactivated. Any user found maliciously damaging or destroying another user's data or system programs, or using their account to illegally access another computer system will be referred to the State of California for prosecution of violations of Section 502 of the California Penal Code. A violation of Section 502 of the California Penal Code subjects you to both criminal, monetary penalties and possible imprisonment. Further, violation of Section 502(e) may subject you to civil punitive damages. In the event of such a violation, Stanford University will seek all remedies against you as provided by law.