In addition to the PharmGKB website, we are pleased to make PharmGKB data and knowledge available as downloads. We have found that it is often critical to check with our curators at before embarking on a large project using these data, to be sure that the files and data we make available are being interpreted correctly. PharmGKB generally does NOT need to be a co-author on such analyses; we just want to make sure that there is a correct understanding of our data before lots of resources are spent.

Examples of papers that have been written by others using PharmGKB information

Primary PharmGKB Data

Versions of external data sources used in these files

Variant and Clinical Annotations Data

To access PharmGKB's variant and clinical annotations data please submit a Variant and Clinical Annotations Data Request.

Variant, Gene and Drug Relationship Data

To access PharmGKB's variant, gene and drug relationship data please submit a Variant, Gene and Drug Relationship Data Request.

License Reports

PharmGKB licenses data to individuals and groups. These reports list those individuals and groups.

ISPC Data [Article:25897834]:

ITPC Data [Article:24060820]:

IWPC Data [Article:19228618]:

IWPC-GWAS Data [Article:23755828]:

Data from Data-driven prediction of drug effects and interactions [Article:22422992] by Tatonetti, et al.

FDA Label Boxed Warnings

This is a list of all boxed warnings (not specific to genetics) appearing on FDA drug labels from DailyMed.

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