Reflex, Abnormal


Alternate Names: 
Abnormal Deep Tendon Reflex; Abnormal Reflex; Abnormal Reflexes; Absent Reflex; Absent Reflices; Bulbocavernosus Reflex, Decreased; Bulbocavernosus Reflices, Decreased; Bulbocavernousus Reflex Absent; Decreased Bulbocavernosus Reflex; Decreased Bulbocavernosus Reflices; Decreased Reflex; Decreased Reflices; Hoffman's Reflex; Hyperreflexia; Hyporeflexia; Palmo Mental Reflex; Palmo-Mental Reflex; Palmo-Mental Reflices; Pendular Reflex; Pendular Reflices; Reflex Absent, Bulbocavernousus; Reflex, Absent; Reflex, Acoustic, Abnormal; Reflex, Anal, Absent; Reflex, Anal, Decreased; Reflex, Ankle, Abnormal; Reflex, Ankle, Absent; Reflex, Ankle, Decreased; Reflex, Biceps, Abnormal; Reflex, Biceps, Absent; Reflex, Biceps, Decreased; Reflex, Corneal, Absent; Reflex, Corneal, Decreased; Reflex, Decreased; Reflex, Decreased Bulbocavernosus; Reflex, Deep Tendon, Abnormal; Reflex, Deep Tendon, Absent; Reflex, Gag, Absent; Reflex, Gag, Decreased; Reflex, Hoffman's; Reflex, Knee, Abnormal; Reflex, Knee, Decreased; Reflex, Moro, Asymmetric; Reflex, Palmo-Mental; Reflex, Pendular; Reflex, Triceps, Abnormal; Reflex, Triceps, Absent; Reflex, Triceps, Decreased; Reflexes, Abnormal; Reflices, Absent; Reflices, Decreased; Reflices, Decreased Bulbocavernosus; Reflices, Palmo-Mental; Reflices, Pendular; [D]Abnormal reflex, unspecified
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Mutations in JARID1C are associated with X-linked mental retardation, short stature and hyperreflexia. Journal of medical genetics. 2008. Abidi F E, et al. PubMed